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Dayton Ohio turns 222 years old
In 2018 and beyond... using a Dayton SEO service
makes good business sense    

Today business owners use a Dayton SEO expert to get the word out about their companies. Back in 1796, when Dayton Ohio was founded, word of mouth was how Dayton would grow.

Dayton has since become the Birthplace of Aviation.

There may have been a time when carrier pigeons were used, the Wright Brothers changed everything.

Are Dayton business owners better off using digital SEO marketing to get the word out?

Dayton Ohio Business - Dayton SEO

Dayton Ohio Business

Is your company growing the way you envisioned?

Whether you market to other business owners or consumers, getting your brand found in all the right places is a must for business survival.

How do people find the Dayton businesses they love? Can your business be found when someone Googles it, using keyword phrases related to your products or services?

One of the most common searches done on Google is for Local Business. If you are not showing up when or where people search, revenue is lost.

When I consult with clients, the same concerns come up over and over again. Perhaps you have some of the same concerns about your business? "I want my phone to ring more", or "Will SEO work for me?", or this one "Not everyone gets a shot at page one of Google". Read on...

Those questions bring us to: "Why Investing in SEO Makes Good Business Sense"

Dayton Ohio is known for innovation. Our SEO company helps business owners compete,
the question is, will it be yours?

Dayton includes 14 counties, the population is now growing after many decades of decline. It is safe to say that business is very competitive.

Dayton is the 4th largest metropolitan area in Ohio,  right next door to Cincinnati and Columbus, number 1 and 2 respectively.  Dayton is in a great location for business growth being in such a thriving area of Ohio.

Based on current marketing trends, hiring a Dayton SEO company makes good economic sense. Imagine $80 Billion in SEO related spending, that is a trend worthy of tapping in to. 

Growth goes to those companies that tap into search engine optimization as part of their branding and marketing strategies.

Dayton has it all, from top universities, hospitals, entertainment, any type of product or service you can imagine. A low cost of living in Dayton makes it a great place for business and families to thrive.

Every business, large or small, has hundreds of competitors looking to win over more customers. For any Dayton business to compete requires companies to show up everywhere, from Google search to social networks, optimizing your business to compete is a matter of survival.

Are your competitors getting the lions share of business in your area because your company is not at the top of the search engines? Do you know what keyword phrases people search to find the products or services you offer?

To answer those questions and more, start with a detailed site audit. You can get a free site audit by filling in your company domain name on our home page.

If you don't have a website, we can help you with that as well.

Check out this video of Downtown Dayton... Imagine your business hopping with customers!

Our company has a passion for business, the real backbone of any community. We are a full service marketing and SEO company that uses industry standard best practices to help your business grow.

The bottom line is that you want your phone to ring...
you want customers beating a path to your door!

The problem with many of our business clients, perhaps you share this too, is they are not SEO experts. You are lawyers, plumbers, doctors, heating and cooling specialists, etc.

First and foremost, you are business owners, experts at what you do.

The good news is we are Dayton SEO experts. We have over 10 years experience in marketing and SEO.

The days of simply opening your doors for business, where people just show up to buy, are long gone.

SEO Fact: Business owners are busy, you don't need to be a Dayton SEO expert...
simply hire one

High growth entrepreneurs surround themselves with professionals so the owner can focus on what they do best. Hiring a good Dayton SEO company is no different than hiring other professionals.

Showing up in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine requires continued effort to stay on top of the endless changes in search engine algorithms.

It is a must to show up on all devices people use as well, including mobile phones. With mobile search what it is today, there is a real benefit for your business to show up in online Dayton maps.

When you nail down your search engine optimization, your next customers are simply a click away. 

While we would like to help all businesses, we limit those we work with so we can provide the best service. Take the next step and fill out our Discovery Application.

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