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Would a Columbus SEO company make a difference for marketing Columbus Ohio?

The phrase Buy American is coming back in the news. US Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), among other Senators from both sides of the isle, introduce their "Buy American" Bill. 

Sure Columbus is one of the top cities in Ohio, after all, Columbus is the state capital.

Columbus is also one of the best cities in the country for business as well as families.

With that said, how do you stand out in a city full of competition? 

Marketing Columbus businesses can be a real challenge in such a dynamic city.

Can search engine optimization (SEO) help spur economic growth in Columbus?

Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio

With changes in tax code, the new Buy American Bill, and even the changes that Google makes. Business owners stand to benefit if they tap into all those changes.

Google makes changes to their algorithm hundreds of times each year, keeping up with all those changes takes a real Columbus SEO expert. One that pays attention to detail and covers all of what Google looks for, not just the easy parts.

I will touch on some of the key parts any business owner should focus on below. But first, let's cover one pain point:

When in comes to search engine optimization, perhaps you have been there, done that and have a T-Shirt or even a thinner wallet to show for it.

SEO does make a positive difference in ROI if done correctly.

What you can expect below... A broad overview of marketing Columbus business, then some key things that you can do to gain an edge over your competition. 

‚ÄčCan big events impact small businesses and Mom & Pop companies?

Absolutely, if your company can get in front of those hungry crowds, you benefit from the millions spent each year on local events in Columbus. 

Mobile devices such as smart phones play a big role in local business success. Visitors to the area find out of the way places using their smart phones.

Small, medium or even large companies want those visitors to find them. Having a marketing strategy that helps your business get found takes a bit of imagination. Implementing expert Columbus SEO tactics can pack a real punch for all businesses in the greater Columbus area.

Imagine being a small business owner in a thriving city like Columbus. Big events happen all year long, from Ohio State football games, to professional golf tournaments. Now imagine millions of people from outside the area coming to those events...

Are you getting a boost in business from all that extra traffic coming to local events? Or do you see those visitors lining up at your competition?

I know that when my wife and I travel, we look for out of the way places to do something different.

We are not looking for franchise businesses that you can find anywhere, we look for local places that can only be found in that area.

Can visitors find you?

When on the road, we use our smart phones to find the local business gems. Run by friendly Mom and Pop owners that come along and ask how you like your visit to Columbus?

Owners that take the time to make you feel welcome in their city. Feeling welcome gets people coming back and telling others about your business.

Columbus Business Map

Columbus Business Map

The challenge for any business owner is to be found by those of us who look for local businesses. That is where Columbus SEO shines, optimizing your small business so you can be found by the traffic brought in by the big events. 

Combine search engine marketing (SEM) with search engine optimization (SEO), and your business can benefit from the flood of people visiting Columbus for events all year long.

Those big events spend millions on advertising, imagine getting a boost in business while the event organizers pay for the advertising.

Funny thing is that you don't need to own a hotel or restaurant to gain from the extra traffic brought in each year. Someone may have an accident and need an attorney. Break a tooth brings an emergency visit to a local dentist. Perhaps their car breaks down.

Columbus has something for everyone, local historical sites, the Columbus Zoo, from entertainment to family fun. 

You get the idea, most any business can benefit from getting found in the first place.

The trick is to use creative marketing, show up and compete.  

Google is the 800 pound gorilla for search engines, jump in so people can find your local business. 

More on local business and Google in a minute...

Columbus Zoo

Columbus Zoo

But first, let's talk more about the of city of Columbus Ohio to set the stage.

The city didn't get where it is by accident, the diverse culture of Columbus Ohio boasts a top 10 spot or near there in many categories. 

Columbus is a Big 10 City - OSU generally leads the pack!

Many fans come in from all over the country to see the Ohio State Buckeyes play. Not just for football either, the Buckeyes rank for wrestling, golf and other sports.

Ohio State University, "the highest ranked public university in Ohio". The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, a leader in medical research and health care. Among the best hospitals in the nation according to a study by U.S. News & World Report.

Nationwide Children's Hospital - a Top 10 honor roll winner! With their tagline "When your child needs a hospital, everything matters".

I have to say this one hits home, as a grandparent, our grandchildren are special, no child should ever suffer. The Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus is fighting a worthy cause.

This only names a few of the top spots Columbus holds, no disrespect intended for leaving anyone out.

All this serves as a magnet for a thriving community.

You will also find other sports and entertainment in Columbus.

Columbus has something for family members of all ages

Golf fans come from all over to Muirfield Village Golf Club to see the Pros play. 

A Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course.

Speaking of families, my family has some deep roots and history in Columbus Ohio.

Jack Nicklaus Masters

Jack Nicklaus Masters

Writing this brings back memories and perhaps a riddle: What do golf balls have to do with Columbus SEO? Read on, I'll get back to that in a minute.

Let's talk a little about local business owners first, shall we...

Columbus business owners solve many problems in their communities. In some circles, business owners get a bad rap and are treated as though greed drives them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that business owners are people too. Owners provide jobs, donate to local charities, invest in locally owned businesses, schools, hospitals. The bottom line is that Columbus entrepreneurs impact the lives of everyone in the community.

All that economic activity creates a very robust business environment where jobs are available to those that want them.

It really pays to think local and support Columbus local business

When you live local, you patronize businesses that are owned and run by people that live in your city. 

Locally owned businesses are more likely to donate to important local causes, hire local people and keep them employed for a lifetime, and invest in other local businesses.

They hire local accountants, attorneys, and other services, attracting more skilled labor to your community.

Learn to Live Local

Think Columbus First

Well said! Local business has an impact across many lives.

So how can small business and Mom & Pop businesses benefit from all the events in Columbus?

Do what Ohio State does in the Big 10 Conference, compete head on.

Imagine this...

Any event in the area brings in a flood of visitors. Those visitors are looking for places to see, places to eat, stores to shop in, etc.

Today, people find their way around using their mobile phones. Some of us type in a Google search, others speak into their phones and ask what they are looking for.

When your business shows up in Google search, this is how those millions of visitors will find you. If your business is on Google page one, you tap into the synergy of the Columbus events that are paid for by the big players.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), come into play.

There are hundreds or even thousands of keywords or phrases that people use to find where they want to go or what they want to do. The question is, does your business show up to benefit from all those searches?

Before we go too far, shall we dive into that riddle I mentioned earlier?

What do golf balls have to do with Columbus SEO? That depends on where those golf balls end up.

Many years ago, my uncle Tom invited me to play golf at his club. It was a beautiful sunny day in Columbus, Ohio.

If you play the game, you know that it is customary to bring your own clubs and golf balls. When I met Tom at his home to head out to the golf course. As I was loading my golf clubs into his car, he hands me 3 sleeves of golf balls.

I tell my uncle that I have plenty, just as his wife is leaving to go shopping for the day. She hears what I say to Tom and laughs. Then looks at me and tells me to "take the golf balls, you're going to need them".

Back in those days, while I'm not a scratch golfer, I could play a decent round of golf. So her laugh and telling me I'll need the extra balls, struck me as odd.

I had never played at Tom's club before, little did I know what was in store that day.

The course was stunning, five sets of tees, all the makings of a pro golf course. Bottles of seed and sand to fill your divots, towels provided, golfers are really pampered here.

Then we go out on the course to play, water hazard on the first hole, strategically placed to attract golf balls as if they were candy. Plunk, splash, I hit my first tee shot into the water!

Some holes had what looked like oceans to hit over to get to the fairway. Water on virtually every hole.

Long story short, I proceeded to lose those 3 sleeves of brand new golf balls and some of my own that day. It was brutal.

I do think my uncle had cracked a smile or two, seeing his young nephew get clobbered. It was clear that this was his home turf.

In the end, I did have a great time that day. Sure I lost some golf balls, my round of golf was not so good, but spending the day with my uncle Tom is a memory I carry with me.

Answer to the question: What do golf balls have to do with Columbus SEO? 

Without solid SEO marketing tactics, your efforts to get customers is like hitting golf balls into the water, you have no chance for a good score.

Yes, many fond memories of family time in Columbus, golf with uncle Tom, a stroll through German Village with my grandmother, going to the Ohio State Fair when I was just a kid.

Back to that 800 pound gorilla mentioned earlier ~ Google search.

Yes, Google is the king of the search engine jungle.

Google is a search tool that is used by millions to find anything people search for.

That includes your business, how you show up when people search is really up to you.

The problem is that there is a great deal of noise and misinformation on even the basic fundamentals of SEO best practices.

Marketing Columbus Ohio

Marketing Columbus Ohio

So what are some of those SEO best practices?

Here is a short list of things to implement that can boost any business...

This list is by no means exhaustive, but will get you started. 

Some brief explanations below.

  • check
    On Page Optimization
  • check
    Use good link Anchor Text
  • check
    Off Page Optimization
  • check
    Mobile Optimization
  • check
    Always use Alt Text
  • check
    Get relevant back links
  • check
    Use a Site Map
  • check
    Site Speed

On page and off page optimization is using your target keywords and variations of those. Use substance in the content on those pages.

Name your images and always use Alt Text. Not all people show images when they view your site, alt text gives you the ability to say what the image is about.

Links are how people and search engines find you, see How Google Search Works for more on how to get your site indexed. Having plenty of relevant links pointing to your site helps Google determine how to rank you. Emphasis on Relevant Links.

Mobile optimization is more important than ever with stats showing over 50% of traffic comes through mobile devices. Note: Mobile optimized and responsive are not the same thing, it is no longer good enough to only have your website mobile responsive.

Site maps simply help Google and other search engines index all your site pages.

Site speed is a big factor in ranking well on Google, slower sites get penalties, and lose visitors according to Google.

All of these SEO tips will go a long way in getting your business on the right track.

Conclusions for Marketing Columbus Ohio Business

Local business is the backbone of any community, Columbus has a great deal of synergy to tap into. As noted, business owners hire local residents and impact many lives.

Tap into existing marketing dollars spent on big events in Columbus Ohio. Having your business show up on page one for multiple keyword phrases that people use will allow you to be found when all that visitor traffic shows up.

There are plenty of business resources in the area that have helpful information, check out Think Columbus First or find help at the official City of Columbus site for more business info.  

Business owners also have a ton on their plates already. You have a business to run, staying on top of all the changes in Google search takes time. Not to mention those tax law changes mentioned above. 

Sure, you can do it yourself, or consider hiring a Columbus SEO Company. You likely have an accountant, for good reason. Marketing and search engine optimization has many moving parts, help is available there as well.

One simple step to take that can be a real eye opener and enable you to see how well your business site shows up is to get a site audit.  

You can get a free site audit by entering your site in the form on our home page. Many of the items in the SEO best practices checklist above are checked and more, worth a look.

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