Business Owners Under Attack

Would your business benefit from implementing search engine optimization?

Shall we dive in a bit deeper?

Business owners are stretched too far… Your competition is hitting you from all sides. Customers find businesses in multiple ways now.

Google and Bing are the big players when it comes to searching the internet. Can your business be found, is your company on page one in the search results?

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Your company needs to be in all the places where your customers or clients can find you. Ignore the trends in consumer habits at your own peril.

As a business owner, you have to know what is working TODAY in terms of getting new customers and search engine optimization strategies…

Implement search engine optimization advantages to your marketing strategy ​​​​

You run the business.
You meet with clients or customers.
You advertise for new growth.
You manage customer questions.
You hire and train staff.
You track your marketing results.
You do track your efforts, right?
Attorney’s manage cases, Doctors manage patients, Realtors manage listings…

No matter what business you are in... Plus you need to bring in new business to grow!

Your Business

The cycle continues…

The graphic above may bring back some memories for those of us with some years behind us. This can also apply to our business and marketing efforts. Does this strike any memories for you? “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with You”.

Are you stuck in the middle of all the marketing noise?

Business owners are under attack, are you stuck in the middle of all the marketing noise?

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How do you manage growth: Run your business, set up all your search engine marketing, track results, and get the most bang for all your efforts?

Keeping existing customers coming back, and balancing cost and benefits that work for the long-term. Requires a great deal of time and effort. Business owners are already stretched to the limits.

Imagine having your own marketing automation system that ties it all together. Imagine knowing exactly which customers or prospects are ready to buy now. A good search engine marketing strategy can help.

Lets face it...

Traditional marketing methods no longer work! Yellow page ads, newspaper ads, paper coupons, and TV commercials are not only expensive… they just don’t work as well as they used to!

To grow your business and beat your competition, you need to be creative in your marketing efforts. Establish a solid foundation where you can be found where ever your customers happen to be.

A good business marketing strategy should include a website where it is easy for prospects to contact you and also get on your mailing list.

Your site should be view-able on all devices from computers to smart phones, a mobile optimized site is a must with the rise of smart phones.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Ditch the old advertising ways that are expensive and use newer, less expensive, and far more effective marketing strategies.

Companies that set up search engine optimized marketing systems are able to beat their competition with far less effort. More freedom for the business owner? Absolutely.

Stop the business madness

Every step you take in business should be to grow, but also strive to free up more time for you!

None of us ever starts a business to work all the time, I sure as hell didn’t, did you? Setting up search engine optimization systems that take you out of the day to day work is pure gold to your sanity.

Strive for a solid SEO foundation that sets the stage for growth even when you are on vacation. Track your marketing, automate as many processes as possible, pass tasks on to your team or an external SEO expert. 

Simple on the surface, yet too many business owners attempt to do it all and their business suffers from being stretched in too many directions.

Part of any business foundation is your brand. Optimizing your site for search engines allows you to control your branding and marketing efforts. Your business survival depends on your ability to be found by prospects and customers. 

Next up: Use Search Engine Optimization to...

Get the word out about your business and your brand

Become more active on social networks, especially where your prospective customers hang out. Have team members help build your network of helpful information that leads customers to you.

Build power back links to your site for a boost in your SEO efforts. In many cases, you can tap into more customers this way while lowering your advertising costs.

Online ads through Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn can target the exact demographic for your best customers or clients.

Online Video is far less expensive than TV commercials and with distribution to key video sites, the SEO exposure you get is far better than a 30 second commercial spot on TV.

But before you pay for any advertising... 

It is far better to have your SEO foundation in place. All your marketing efforts are more effective when you have implemented search engine optimization strategies first.

Business systems and tracking

With today’s technology, it is far easier to set up a solid search engine optimization foundation for marketing systems, branding, and tracking.

The key is to do it in steps, plus have all your marketing efforts tied together.

Easier said than done when SEO has so many moving parts.

Headway Business can help with your search engine optimization. From consulting services to help in developing solid SEO marketing strategies that are tailored specifically for your business. There is no one size fits all, each business has their own marketing priorities to market their specific products and services.

Marketing Automation Systems with emphasis on SEO enable any business to personalize their marketing efforts to keep more customers coming back for many years.

Need help? Check to see if we are a good fit for helping you grow your business, fill out our Marketing Discovery Application.