Why Does Your Online Reputation Matter?

people communicating online


Thanks to today's technology, there are now countless ways for complete strangers to communicate and talk to each other online.

You may be thinking "Yeah, so what's that have to do with my reputation?"

Do you really know what your online reputation is?  Have you seen what people are saying about you, your business and your products or services?

Without your knowledge, these people could be posting negative comments about your company.  Or writing negative reviews about your product or service.

They might be talking up a competitor's business ... stating why they prefer it to yours.  They may even have created a hate site regarding you and your company.

So how does this affect you?

The first and most obvious way is that potential customers could see a negative review and be turned away from your product or company based on just one thing they see online.

What if business partners heard about a review posted on your alleged bad business practices?  You could lose investors - and maybe even future income - should that partner be so put off by what they learned that they pull out of your company.

What if prospective employees researched your company and decided not to apply because a friend told them they read a negative blog post posted by a former, angry employee?  You could lose a great asset for your company simply due to a disgruntled employee.

how a negative-reputation can cost you business

Your reputation is important ... both offline and online

Yes, your company’s online reputation affects it, and everything it does.  And just like your reputation offline, your online rep is something that you can't afford to ignore.

Managing, protecting, and building your business’ online reputation can seem challenging and time consuming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

There are plenty of resources out there that are available to help you and your company.

Taken step by step, and little by little, your business’ online reputation can be managed, protected, and built into what you need it to be.